About Us

West Coast Angel Network (WeCAN) is a purpose-driven fund promoting diversity on the cap table by empowering our members to learn, and participate in, the end-to-end investment portfolio selection and management. Our culture sits at the intersection of vision and values achievement, and is central to our fund, with cultural fit ingrained at the core of all decision-making. Our success will be driven by a structured investment approach, supplementary education opportunities like Speaker Series' sessions and book club, and meaningful opportunities to build relationships with fellow members, entrepreneurs and other investors. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish an inclusive Angel network that promotes greater diversity on the cap table through a venture-investing, learning environment. Our members will learn through hands-on experience to create an investment portfolio of innovative companies, and will, in the process, build a diverse network of peers, successful entrepreneurs and investors.

Our Values

Our Areas of Interest 

West Coast Angel Network is focused on pre-seed and seed stage startups. While we are industry agnostic, we have a deep interest in the Tech, Health and Finance sectors. 

Our Investment Model

Our repeatable, structured investment model is designed to align with industry practices and support our collective ability to learn and apply continuous improvements over the course of our fund’s life.  Our role doesn’t end at funds disbursement – we want to help Investees grow and succeed! Investment Relationship Management is key to actioning this objective. Each Investee will be paired with a WeCAN Relationship Manager, who will be the primary conduit between our fund and the Investee.  The pairing will endeavor to match Investee needs with a Relationship Manager capable of fulfilling those needs. 

Our Learning and Development 

We will learn by doing: our investment model is predicated on members being the operators to select investments and manage relationships with Investees until an exit occurs. Members will be supported by supplementary education opportunities such as a regular Speaker Series and book club, as well as meaningful opportunities to craft relationships with fellow members and the investors network.  

The Speaker Series sessions will provide insights on key topics from more experienced investors, and the quarterly book club will focus on finance and investing topics. Our collective learning curve will be steep so periodic, non-mandatory gatherings will enable members to connect in person and have fun together, balancing the challenges we will regularly navigate, with an opportunity for lighthearted connection.