Silo Breakers

When we meet someone who is working hard to collaborate, build community, and break down silos, these are the people and companies we want to support. Ultimately we are all better by working together. While these companies are not affiliated with WeCAN, nor have we personally worked with all of them, we do know at least one person in a leadership position (often a founder) from each company, and based on our interactions, we're impressed!! We also believe they share our values, mission and ethical business behavior. 

Product Advisory Collective

A collective of product leaders with diverse experience and expertise. Our advisors are either independent consultants, navigating career transitions or advising on the side of a full-time role. Beyond their business and technology credentials, PAC leaders are all committed to elevating women leaders in technology.

Who we know: Mary Beth Snodgrass



We're a corporate and securities law firm that specializes in startups and funds. While we advise on legal matters spanning incorporation to exit, we specialize in term fundraising and investment strategy, including term sheet negotiations, public offerings, and fund formation. 

Who we know: Emily Wu


Storyville Road

Full-service video production company that produces, directs, shoots and edits video content including: live events, commercials and marketing, virtual events, internal communications and training, social media, website, news and documentaries. We also provide media coaching to help individuals or groups prepare for and improve interview, presentation and public speaking skills. 

Who we know: Christine Maddela


Stallion Marketing

We create and execute digital marketing strategies for businesses of any size to drive customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. Get started today with a free consultation. 

Who we know: Hakim Garuba


Join us

If you are aligned with our culture, values and investment thesis, and would like to discuss if we're a mutually good fit, we would love to hear from you.