West Coast 

Angel Network

A purpose-driven network of Angel investors driving forward diversity representation on the cap table

We know inclusion and diversity matters.  And yet: diversity is still not represented equitably in most positions of influence.  

The current state of diverse representation in venture capital is lacking...

Why does this matter?

We want to help close the gap. Through an investor-led model, members learn the investment process through hands-on experience in a risk-managed forum while expanding their network of like-minded professionals.  With a focus on culture and representation, we strive to create an inclusive, supportive and fun learning environment for underrepresented peoples and allies within the venture capital ecosystem.  As the Managing Partners, we take no fees or carry: like our investors, we're here to learn, have fun, expand our networks and return a profit on our investments.

Our Partners

We are so grateful to our network of supporters for helping us to achieve our vision.  If your organization would like to know more about our experiences, and/or would like a warm connection to any of our partners, please email us!

We are so grateful to Katrina Paddon and Gemini Strategy & Governance for the expertise, diligence and many hours of effort put in to WeCAN.  From corporate entity establishment to developing our governance processes, Gemini's support has been integral to our success.  


We have so much gratitude for Emily Wu's diligence, knowledge, patience and kindness in helping us to draft appropriate contractual documents for WeCAN's unique investor-led model. We're thrilled to share our partnership and experience with Emily and Lumia as a trusted legal advisor.


We are so excited to partner with Finally for our Fund Admin. From values alignment to customer service, we can't say enough great things. Justine Baity, Darryl Bandoro, Sky Fernandes and Jenna Fernandes - thank you and we look forward to our journey together!  


We are so grateful to Masha Herzbrun and Sensiba for their generous time and provision of high-quality tax advice as we work to establish WeCAN.  


Contact Us

If you align with our vision, values and culture, and meet our criteria for members or potential investees (as relevant), we invite you to reach out to us using the links below.  Note that all potential investees must submit an application to be considered for funding. For any other enquiries, please email us.