Apply For Funding

Cultural alignment and achievement of our investment thesis define the preliminary characteristics of the companies we are excited to work with.  Our role in a company doesn't end at the distribution of funds - we will endeavor to pair each Investee with a Relationship Manager whose skills support organizational growth - so it's very important for us to ensure we are aligned at our cores.  We would love to hear from founders who are equally excited by our culture, and achieve our investment thesis.  

Our Investment Criteria

For companies who meet our investment criteria and are selected to receive funding, investment sizes will range from $25K to $50K USD.

Living Our Values: Founder Engagement  

We commit to maintaining respectful and meaningful relationships with our applicants and Investees by acting in accordance with our values including:

- we will provide transparency of our approach and timelines and, to the best of our capabilities, we will adhere with our commitments to process and timeline; 

- we commit to using founders, and their teams', times respectfully;

- we commit to helping founders navigate our investment process and work through any information gaps.